Duck, Duck, Truce

Owen Parrish had no idea it was possible for his life to go off the rails so quickly. One second he was dating the girl of his dreams, and the next he was married to her cousin. There had to be a way to fix things, right?
Veronica Diaz wasn’t sure who she was most mad at—Owen, her cousin Natalia, or herself. When the road to solve the unexpected issue with Owen and Natalia forces Vee to live with both of them, she’s sure she’s living a nightmare. And if she wants things to get better, she’ll need to wake up.
Owen and Vee decide they’re willing to do whatever it takes to make it work. But what if it takes being an errand-runner for a crime boss, a jewelry thief for an old woman, and a support system for a ditzy houseguest?
Will they finally be able to maintain their truce. Or will it be easier to duck out and start fresh…alone?

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